Kosher Delight Poland



Nearly seven decades after the demise of Polish Jewry, Poland has once again become a key destination for Jews seeking to explore the rich Jewish heritage of a country where Jews thrived for over 1,000 years. In response to the growing demand for glatt kosher quality foods, the Etziony family in 2009 opened Kosher Delight in Poland.

In designing their glatt kosher foodservice model, Kosher Delight sought to develop a full service catering and restaurant operation that would be able to respond to the needs of individual travelers as well as large groups. Instead of offering frozen airline like meals, Kosher Delight's modus operandi was to offer the upscale dining and foodservice that Jews who eat glatt kosher expect in cities like New York, London and Jerusalem. In addition to the "five-star" menu, Kosher Delight upholds the highest kashrut standards and is certified by the Badatz Chasam Sofer, headed by Rabbi Dov Landau.

Kosher Delight's main commissary is in the city of Lodz, under the constant supervision of a team of mashgichim (supervisors) in addition to the periodic oversight visits of Rabbi Landau. The facility, monitored by the Department of Health, features a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen with the newest ovens and equipment to meet the needs of both large and small groups. All of the food in the facility is prepared by professional chefs who are experienced in preparing diverse menus, including European and Israeli (Mediterranean) cuisine. The chefs cook and bake meals daily as per the specifications of groups and individual tourists. All Kosher Delight prepared foods that are sent to hotels and other locations are double sealed and stamped with our certification so that they may be warmed in any oven or microwave. The meals can be packaged in various sizes of one or three portions or customized to meet the request of customers.



Kosher Delight's main commissary is in the city of Lodz. In addition, the facility features three large dining rooms which can accommodate up to 250 people. The Kosher Delight food complex is located next to the Linat Orchim Hotel (with approximately 100 beds).

In this historic city, Kosher Delight's large dining hall is located in the Kazimierz Jewish Quarter, at 18 Kupa Street near the Chabad House and Chabad Center. The Krakow location can accommodate up to 150 guests. In addition to their own dining facility, Kosher Delight provides catering in other locations, including area hotels. In the Hotel Wilga on 16 Przedwiośnie Street, they have their own kitchen under hashgacha. Kosher Delight also provides glatt kosher meals to tourists staying in the hotels in the area.

Kosher Delight's dining facility in the Polish capital is located in the Jewish Community Center at 2 Grzybowska Street, adjacent to the famed Nozyk synagogue. With a capacity of 180 guests, the facility serves as a huge restaurant in season or an appropriate venue for large groups. In addition, Kosher Delight can also provide catering services in other dining rooms in the area. It provides kosher catering for all hotels in Warsaw.

To accommodate the many groups who visit the city of Oswiecim, site of the infamous death camp, Kosher Delight provides kosher meals in hotel Dialog Centrum, which is adjacent to the Holocaust museum.

A visit to the city of Lublin and its famed restored Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin is always an inspiration. With advanced arrangements, Kosher Delight can arrange to deliver kosher meals to the local hotels or to the yeshiva itself for groups.